Kumi Hospital AgroPark

Kumi Hospital aims to generate a reliable and sustainable income and/or cost reduction for hospital operations on the short and medium term; on the long term the hospital will get access to a well-developed farm which can form the basis for the development of hospital operations. The objective of UIC is to generate farm jobs, contribute to a more efficient and productive agriculture and dairy sector in Kumi and increase welfare and agricultural regional development to reduce malnutrition as major cause of health problems.

With its goal on Kumi Hospital AgroPark (KH-AP) UIC wishes to develop a large scale farming/livestock operation in which crops, vegetable and dairy production are combined. The farm should generate a large number of direct jobs, act a training facility for smallholders in the wider region around Kumi and improve food security in the region through increased availability of quality food and dairy products. The investors behind UIC wish to recover the investment and use the net profits and proceeds to invest in similar activities in Uganda and/ or Africa. A  business plan is written for an integrated farm with dairy cows and related animal feed production on, up to or beyond, 500 hectares of land. Furthermore UIC plans to engage in diary value chain development (processed milk and diary products) and food crop production to sustain the cash flows of the operations.

Check our website on: www.kh-ap.org