1. We want to play our part in the certainty of food and self-provisioning of Uganda.
  2. Our activities are focused on durable chain management, to begin with the food industry.
  3. Durable in this regards means a minimal use of external ground- and artificial fertilizers and fossil fuel.
  4. We want to offer the local people with qualities the possibility to grow within the company and we will challenge and educate them to achieve this.
  5. We want to show the locals how they can improve it, via example companies.
  6. We want to help the local people/farmers by taking advantage of our companies through using machines and getting better prices for their products.
  7. We want to set up activities, in which the principles are to create a commercial healthy business with a break-even point within 3 to 5 years.
  8. We balance all the different projects in the interest of the whole chain, and the employment which has to be created in relation to the invested euro's.
  9. Every independent part in the producing process must have a positive bruto margin, so we have to built up the activities phased.
  10. We as Christians must treat the employees, community and environment - who are our responsibility - with love and respect.